The 2020 UMOJA Unlocked UWC Short Course will be organised by a diverse and dynamic team consisting of UWC alumni and enthusiasts from around the world.

Team Members

Maulline Gragau| Lead Coordinator

Maulline Gragau is an Ethiossian researcher, policy/legislative drafter, scientist and lawyer. Originally from Netanya, she has lived and worked in various countries across the Middle East, Africa and Europe. She has studied law, Criminology and Forensic Science. Maulline is passionate about legal practice especially alternative dispute resolution, renewable energy technologies, big data and environmental conservation. In 2018 she served as chairperson for a sub-team on renewable energy technologies at a European Commission evidence-informed policy making seminar in South Africa.

Email: umoja.coordination@shortcourse.uwc.org

Maragaret Namayanja| Lead Coordinator

Margaret is a Ugandan by birth. She holds a Bachelor of Laws from Makerere University Kampala. She is currently a human rights activist of special interest groups, especially youth and women. In 2017- 18, she was a National Gender and Policy Advocate at Restless Development. Her role focused on promoting economic inclusion of girls and young women in Uganda. She is highly passionate about community development and enjoys reading and travelling.

Email: umoja.coordination@shortcourse.uwc.org

Claire Louise Okatch| Lead Coordinator

Claire Louise Okatch is a Kenyan by birth and to her core. She graduated from UWC South East Asia in 2014 and recently graduated from NYU Abu Dhabi in 2018. For the last 6 years, she has been heavily involved in establishing and expanding youth networks with particular emphasis on global citizenship education. She has worked with youth networks in South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, Zanzibar and the UAE to this end and is passionate about continuing to use her UWC education to inspire a positive change in the world.

Email: umoja.coordination@shortcourse.uwc.org

Sara Monggaard| Program Coordinator

Sara Monggaard Christensen is a Danish UWC Waterford Kamhlaba ‘18 alumni. She is currently pursuing a double major in Global Studies and Sociology in the United States. Sara’s first experience with UWC short courses was as a participant of the Finish ‘(Re)defining Identity’ course in 2016. Afterwards she went on to develop her passion for the intersection of education and social advocacy facilitating the UWC Short Course ‘(Re)defining Equality’ in Austria and engaging in various other equity work.

She is beyond exited to meet all of you!

Email: umoja.program@shortcourse.uwc.org

Woopi Takarasima| UMOJA Unlocked Intern

Woopi is originally from Zimbabwe, and was raised in Eswatini. She currently lives in Kigali, Rwanda, and studies at the African Leadership University where she will be taking a Global Challenges major with a focus on education accessibility for refugee and vulnerable children. She was a participant in the Together For Development (TFD) UWC Short Course in 2018 and a facilitator for 2019 edition of TFD. Woopi is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion. She enjoys exploring new places, trying new foods and learning from other people’s life experiences.

Email: umoja.outreach@shortcourse.uwc.org

Jessica Breakey| Fellowship Coordinator

Jessica is an Associate Lecturer in the School for Electrical and Information Engineering at the University of Witwatersrand where she teaches the Sociology of Artificial Intelligence. She also works as a researcher for the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit (SALDRU) and the Center for Social Development in Africa (CSDA) where she researches potential interventions and support packages for unemployed youth in South Africa. Jessica holds an Mphil from Cambridge University and an MA from the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (WiSER). Jessica is a Mandela Rhodes Scholar, a Chevening Scholar and a Oppenheimer Memorial Trust fellow.

Email: umoja.outreach@shortcourse.uwc.org

Paula Szy| General Coordinator- Logistics

Paula is originally from Germany where she completed her high school education. She has since studied and worked in various countries across Latin America, Europe and Africa. She holds a Master's degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from Uppsala University, Sweden. Her professional experience has largely focused on peace building including creative approaches to conflict transformation as well as youth and women empowerment and currently she is working on genderbased violence prevention in Bolivia. She is known as an utmost foodie and loves traveling. After piloting UMOJA in 2018, she is excited to be back for the third edition!

Email: umoja.coordination@shortcourse.uwc.org

Wadeisor Rukato| General Coordinator- Participants

Wadeisor was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in South Africa. She recently spent two years in China as a Yenching Scholar at Peking University, where she graduated with a MA in China Studies. She is the co-founder of From Africa to China, an online platform dedicated to writing and reflecting on Africa-China Relations. Wadeisor participated in the first edition of Together for Development, the UWC Short Course in eSwatini, in 2011/2012 and was the coordinator for participant recruitment at the second edition of TFD that was held in Swaziland between December 2017 and January 2018. She was also on the team that piloted UMOJA in 2018.

Email: umoja.participants@shortcourse.uwc.org