The 2024 UMOJA UWC Short Course will be organized by a diverse and dynamic team consisting of UWC alumni and enthusiasts from around the world.

Team Members

Mwegelo Kapinga| Lead Coordinator

Mwegelo has worked in the education sector for over 10 years. She joined UWC East Africa in 2018 as the Advancement Officer where she manages external communications, supports fundraising efforts and leads the school's engagement with alumni. Since 2018, Mwegelo has been the primary liaison for Umoja at UWC East Africa and from 2022, she has led the coordination team for the Umoja Short Course, overseeing fundraising and logistics for the program.

Mwegelo has been based in Tanzania since completing her undergraduate studies in 2012. Prior to pursuing postgraduate studies in the area of Development,  Mwegelo was part of a research team assessing children's learning - a time when her passion for youth education and development evolved.

Email: umoja.coordination@shortcourse.uwc.org

Neža Račečič | Participants Coordinator

Neža Račečič is a proud alumna of UWC East Africa, Moshi campus. She is very passionate about education, human rights and the UWC movement.  She is a UWC Slovenian National Committee member, a Global Citizen Year Take Action Lab 2024 fellow and a photographer in her free time. Very grateful for what her UWC experience has taught and continues to teach her about the world and herself, she is thrilled about joining the UMOJA SC 2024 team.

Email: umoja.participants@shortcourse.uwc.org

Sydner Kemunto | Participants Coordinator

Sydner Kemunto is an Environment educator from Nairobi Kenya. She firmly believes in the need for climate literacy, especially among the young audience as an avenue for sustainable habits in society. Her passion for environmental conservation led her to actively engage in community projects, advocating for eco-friendly practices and raising awareness about the impact of human activities on the planet. Her vision is to inspire positive change, and empower young people through environmental literacy.

Email: umoja.participants@shortcourse.uwc.org

Melissa Michelle | Programme Coordinator

Melissa, a proud alumna of UWC-USA (Class of 2019), is now advancing her academic career as a pre-law student at the University of California, Riverside, specializing in political science. Her passion for justice and equality manifests in her active research involvement with the labor studies department, where she delves into unionizing efforts and organizing for human rights activism. A vibrant spirit with a propensity for critical thinking, Melissa exhibits a blend of scholarly diligence and dedicated advocacy, poised to make a significant impact in the legal sphere. 

Email: umoja.program@shortcourse.uwc.org

Nathnael Agafari | Outreach Coordinator

Nathnael is a Software Engineering major from Ethiopia and an exchange alumnus for multiple US Exchange Programs like PAYLP, YALI RLC EA, PAYLP All Stars and Access. He is passionate about technology, community and youth leadership. He has been able to carry out project related to these themes including Ignite - a project in collaboration with the US Department of State that aims to provide students with hands on STEM education. Besides these engagements, Nathnael is also a co-founder at a tech company based in Ethiopia called Mado Tech Solutions PLC that works on development of business and marketing tools tailored for the local Ethiopian market. Nathnael is tasked with preparing and implementing outreach activities for the UMOJA short course 2024.

Email: umoja.outreach@shortcourse.uwc.org

Felisa Ferroglio | Fellows and Facilitator Coordinator

Felisa Ferroglio, a third-year Bachelor's student in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, brings a rich international perspective to her role as the Fellowship Program Coordinator. Hailing from Italy and having lived in the United States and the Netherlands before settling in France for her undergraduate studies, Felisa embodies a global mindset essential for fostering diverse and inclusive communities. Passionate about human synergies and relations, Felisa's main focus within the team lies in the recruitment and training of fellows.

Email: umoja.fellowship@shortcourse.uwc.org

Ashley Palha | Programme  Coordinator

Ash is a recent Bachelor of Laws graduand from the University of the Western Cape in South Africa. He is a proud alumnus of the first Umoja Short Course held in 2018, held the role of facilitator in 2023, and has now taken up the role of Program Coordinator. He is a firm believer in equipping the next generation with tools and insight so that they may change the world for the better. Ash’s passion for change has led him to work with underprivileged youth as a part of the Ilungelo Lemfundo Mentorship Program, as well as be part of the Students for Law and Social Justice Society and Black Lawyers Association during his studies. He is looking forward to another year as a part of the Umoja Family.

Email: umoja.program@shortcourse.uwc.org

Tunu Makamula | Programme  Coordinator

Tunu is dedicated and profoundly committed to fostering positive development among the youth. She currently serves as a valued mentor and active contributor to Community for Youth (CfY), an organization with a mission to inspire and support students through mentorship, in Seattle Washington.

With a strong background in Public Relations and Communications, Tunu leveraged her expertise and served as the Program Coordinator for the Umoja Short Course in 2022. This year, she is poised to further contribute to the short course as the Report Writer, meticulously documenting and communicating the impact of the Umoja Short Course.

Email: umoja.reporting@shortcourse.uwc.org