UMOJA Unlocked Program

Why "Unlocked"? The global outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted UWC Short Courses. While we had planned to be convening at UWC East Africa in July for the 2020 edition of UMOJA, we have had to take a leap and move this year's Short Course online for the first time with the aim of providing an opportunity for young people to unlock their own potential - and that of the world around them - during this lockdown period.

Facilitated by an international team UMOJA Unlocked will bring together 15 participants from around the world under the theme ”Coming Together to Build Community”. During the course they will be aspired to become global and local actors, while building a diverse community of change makers, exploring their own identity, and reflecting upon their understanding of the world.

UMOJA will allow participants to explore and foster an understanding of the multiple, complex identities within a community by focusing on themes such as power and privilege. UMOJA will place emphasis on participants accumulating tools and resources to act as change makers in a sustainable manner, while accompanying them in identifying their own impact-generating projects.

The Short Course will follow the United World College’s model of experiential learning. It will thus be centred around innovative digital workshops, interactive learning, and an element of community engagement. The Course will equip participants to think critically, engage globally and become leaders in their own community.


The course cost $50 per participant with a number of scholarships being available for participants on a need basis, with a particular focus on participants from developing countries. The fee includes access to all virtual platforms and resources used during the online course. Additionally the fee allows us to give out mobile data scholarships to a limited number of participants who would not be able to connect to the course otherwise.