Program Summary

The 2020 edition of the UMOJA Fellowship Program explores the notion of community building in the context of COVID-19 on both an individual and societal level. The spread of this respiratory disease throughout the globe and across borders has presented us with an opportunity to deconstruct and analyse ideas around identity and belonging around nationality, race, gender, socioeconomic background, etc. In the Global South particularly, COVID 19 has highlighted existing inequalities, increased socio-economic divides, and exploited vulnerabilities.

The program targets former UMOJA Short Course participants who already have a foundational grasp of the factors that are crucial to community building. Participants will use the current global crisis as a case study with which to critically examine identities, the implications of borders and what possibilities are offered for community building within this crisis. This will offer them a space to reflect on biases they may hold and equip them to engage with present or future local/ global events that shape community building from a more nuanced perspective. In turn, it will give them a headstart in reflecting on the possibilities for community building in a post-COVID 19 world.


  • To provide an opportunity for former UMOJA Short Course participants to apply community building concepts introduced the UMOJA Short Course to real-world community-building issues.
  • To provide former UMOJA Short Course participants an opportunity to undertake a leadership-in-action and facilitation experience through the planning and delivery of a workshop during the 2020 edition of the UMOJA Short Course.
  • To strengthen UMOJA’s partnership with UWC East Africa by providing training on facilitation and delivery of workshops as a means to enrich the skillset of the student body.
  • To encourage dialogue, critical thinking, and active engagement among African youth on key emerging global issues.


  • Currently a student at UWC East Africa and/or a former UMOJA Short Course participant
  • Between 16-20 years old.
  • Commitment to adhere to UWC ideals and UMOJA Fellowship Code of Conduct.
  • Available for pre-Short Course period (July) and to facilitate one session of the Short Course (August) as directed by Fellowship Coordinator.
  • Demonstrated interest in community building.
  • Interest in learning how to develop content and facilitate workshops.
  • Passion and lots of infectious energy.