Do you want to gain experience planning programs, designing and hosting interactive workshops for ambitious students aged 16-20, from all over the world?


We, the Lead Coordinators and staff members of UWC East Africa, are looking for experienced and motivated Coordinators to help develop and facilitate the course. We are looking for passionate and motivated individuals who will complete the Umoja 2023 organizing team.

Five Coordinator positions are now open including:

- Program Coordinator;

- Participant Coordinator;

- Fundraising Coordinator;

- Fellows and Facilitators Coordinator and

- Communications and Engagement Coordinator.

General Coordinator Profile:

- Available to be physically in Tanzania from the first half of July 2023: for a 3 day preparation period, 10 day Course and 2 day wrap-up.

- Experience with short courses/youth programs (UWC short course experience being a strong asset)

- Content knowledge on the different dimensions of community building, conflict, inequalities, youth activism and the environment.

- Excellent management & organisational skills and a strong team spirit.

- Passionate about UWC values and ideals.

- Able to commit up to 8 hours a week remotely on Course planning from February to July 2023.

- 22 years or older.

COST: This is a volunteer position and no monetary compensation can be provided. However, all accommodation, food and course expenses in Tanzania will be covered by the Short Course. A travel stipend of 200 USD and an additional visa stipend of 50 USD (where applicable) will be provided for travel to Tanzania.

DEADLINE: Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis. We highly recommend applying early. Interviews for short-listed candidates will also be scheduled on a rolling basis. Applications close on Monday, 20th February, 2023.

Coordinators Please click here for the application form.


Join the United World College of East Africa Umoja Short Course ( as a coordinator or Facilitator for 2023!

Please apply if you are :

*18 years or older at the time of the course.

* Passionate and have lots of infectious energy.

* Possess a demonstrated interest in community building.

* Interested in developing your skills in leadership, content design and facilitation.

* Committed to adhering to UWC ideals and the Umoja Facilitators Code of Conduct.

* Available for the pre-Short Course period (May - June) and to facilitate workshops during the Short Course (July) at UWC East Africa (Moshi, Tanzania).

The workshops will be related to this year’s programme themes: Youth Activism and Entrepreneurship; Conflict and Problem Solving; Environment and Climate Change; and Identity, Intersectionality and Gender. If you have experience in any of these areas, we would love to hear from you! Facilitators will also participate in various parts of the program including fun activities and cultural events and provide support in running the short course. All facilitators will be awarded a certificate at the end of the short course!

As a facilitator, you will have the month of May and June to design the workshops you would like to host. Each facilitator will host about two workshops, each lasting about 1 hour. There are opportunities for collaboration with fellow facilitators, and the Program Coordinator will offer feedback throughout the workshop design process.


The short course will take place between [insert dates] & all facilitators will be expected to set aside 14 days for the Umoja Short Course. The short course will run for 10 days and facilitators will be expected to arrive two days before the start date to help prepare, and leave two days after the short course to provide support in the closing process.


UWCEA will provide free accommodation and meals for the Facilitators. While Coordinators and Facilitators are expected to cover their own travel, visa, and insurance costs, UWCEA will provide support by covering 50 USD of the expenses related to this.

Deadline for Application: February 20th 2023.

Please click here for the application form.